Lossless Conversion from PDF to SVG / EMF in Ubuntu

LaTeX users may want to use a diagram or algorithm from PDF in presentation. The probably best way is to convert a PDF to EMF / SVG file so that it can be directly imported in Microsoft Powerpoint / Libre Impress. Here is why you may want to do that.

Enhanced Meta File (EMF) and SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) are formats that can be scaled (or enlarged, if you prefer) without degrading the quality of image. But you probably already know that, since you are here.

Without stressing any more, here are the commands you need to convert a PDF to SVG, and if you need, to EMF.

pdf2svg filename.pdf filename.svg
inkscape filename.svg -M filename.emf

As you noticed above, you will need pdf2svg and inkscape installed in your computer.

Written on July 14, 2016